New SHG Shop


 It's been awhile and I apologize for the absense, but I have been very busy trying to build the new shop where all of the guitar pipes will be made. Because I'm a small "handmade " manufacturerer, the shop is not very large, either is my property where I built it. It is about 18ft x 10 ft , with a 8x8 office on the side.

front of shop 1There are a few details left to finish (a little of the fascia siding) and my new sign ( it's on it's way) but for the most part it is already to start using. I'm striving for small but efficient and hoping that this space can serve me until I grow out of it.




side of shop

I have spent the past couple of months finishing up all of the construction details. It takes some time when your financing the project as you go. I have been lucky that my many yrs in the construction business have blessed me with many friends that gave me a helping hand on a lot of the phases of construction. I was able to put the electrical under ground (Thank you Michael Petkash) so that no ugly  wires are jumping from shop to shop. My good friend Steve helped me with the interior siding, trim, and countless other stuff. I can't thank him enough.

back of shop


A man can never have too many shops! I have a few other tools that I'm hoping to get installed into the shop in the very near future. My delta bandsaw and a new oscillating spindle sander are on there way. I'm also hoping for a small cnc machine in the  next couple of months. That will be a story for another time.


inside from north endI have a few more lights that I think will go in and and a small dust collection system and paint the floor and we'll be about finished. That can all be done as we go.We have to start building guitar pipes now!



I'm getting very excited about making some new products and having a "boat load" of pipes to take to a headshop trade show in Denver called "Champs" on Nov.3-5  So wish me luck! and I'll keep you in touch with all of the latest news

 Keep Smiling!  


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