Big Sale!!! ending 1/1/18



              Big Sale !!!!!


  In my appreciation of all of my past customers and for the new ones "liking" and "sharing" my products with their friends on facebook, and just because I'm in the "Holiday Spirit", I have decided to liquidate all of the remaining 2017 stock of the acoustic line of SHG pipes for the rediculous price of only $30.00.  This includes either the

   "Cutaway"                 or the                  "Dreadnaught"


cutawayguitar pipe 03

 and of course they are all individually handmade with solid woods, with serial numbers and they come  with their own stand , two screens and a certificate of authenticity.                                                                                                                       

                                On top of that, I will be offering

                                FREE SHIPPING!!!      


 Of course this is a limited time offer until Jan.1, 2017.  Normally priced at 39.95 with 5.95 shipping, the savings cannot be beat.That's a savings of over 35% from the current website price.I'm trying to make room on the shelves for the new 2018 SHG product line  I'm running this campaign on my SHG Facebook page with the  hopes of getting as many likes on my page as possible.

These unique guitar pipes will make your holiday season "Light up with Joy" and can be displayed proudly by hanging them on the Christmas tree or sitting on the fireplace mantel on it's wooden stand (included)

I realize that this offer is only for the next couple of weeks, So don't hesitate to take advantage of this great opportunity (Please limit 2 per customer) Even though there is a limited quanity left, I will honor all sales until the Jan.1, 2018 deadline. Please act quickly, they won't last long!

 Keep Smiling! 


        shg png sm


You can place orders by calling me at 440-474-2141 for immediate results to ensure delivery before Christmas







Guitar Pipe Winners.


Adrienne winning pipe at Champs show 11 2015 Copy




  I was so glad to have met so many great people at the Champs Show and this lovely gal was one of the lucky winners of a raffle that was held everyday of the show 

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Denver Champ Show

Denver Champs Show21015Just got back from the big trade show out in Denver Colorado. The show was great! I met so many great people and new contactcs for my business. 

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Champs Show in Denver

I' ve been burning the midnight oil trying to get ready for the big Champs show in Denver Colorado, Nov3-5.getting ready for shipping

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The New Stash Amp



both amps

I'm really excited about the newest addition to the SHG product line. We have a decided that it's hard to go out to a gig with your brand new Smoking Hot Guitar without bringing along your favorite amp to hold all of your belongings. You might need a place to "stash" your guitar picks or other stuff.

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New SHG Shop


 It's been awhile and I apologize for the absense, but I have been very busy trying to build the new shop where all of the guitar pipes will be made. Because I'm a small "handmade " manufacturerer, the shop is not very large, either is my property where I built it. It is about 18ft x 10 ft , with a 8x8 office on the side.

front of shop 1There are a few details left to finish (a little of the fascia siding) and my new sign ( it's on it's way) but for the most part it is already to start using. I'm striving for small but efficient and hoping that this space can serve me until I grow out of it.



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New Developments

smoking hot guitar blanks 3Well it's a new day and I have just got done cutting about 100 tops for the new pipes. I was able to find a very good piece of spruce with nice tight, straight grain that I was able to mill for the tops. I have alot of new cherry  blanks to start my next production batch with now.

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Building Guitar Pipes


Smoking Hot Guitars, Guitar PipesAfter spending a month (all day, everyday) behind a bandsaw, a sander and leaning over a vise trying to shape the little guitar necks and pressing in the frets into the fingerboards and profiling the little bridges on the spindle sander I'm finally starting to ask myself  "What have I got myself into now"?

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Hand Crafted

Smoking Hot  GuitarsAll of the Smoking Hot  Guitars are individually handcrafted. "How can that be" ? you ask. Well to ensure the quality of every product sometime drastic measures have to be adhered to. At this point I have not been able to figure out a way to "mass produce" this product. That is not the goal . I just want to produce the  best "smoking hot wooden guitar pipe for an affordable price . That is the reason I've implemented the serial# concept to the product.

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