A little intro:

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My name is Patrick and I am the the proud owner and luthier of  Liam Guitars.  I am currently a one man shop specializing in building custom designed string instruments and all major repairs and restorations. I enjoy building the odd or unusual instruments such as harp guitars, The skills that I have developed over the years of repairing, building and designing instruments, has lead me into this new venture of guitar pipes. After seeing very little in the way of quality or uniqueness in the wooden pipe industry, I felt it was time to unveil to the public, these guitar pipes that I have been producing for some time now. 

I thought it would be good to share with you how Smokin Hot Guitars came to be. It started about 17 yrs ago when I decided that I was going to send a good friend of mine a little gift for Christmas. Since he was a "smoking hot guitar" player and he enjoyed the calming effects of his favorite herbs from time to time, I thought I would make him a pipe with a guitar "theme". After I showed my wife the first attempt, she said,  "Wouldn't it be cool if the bowl was at the soundhole and the neck would be the stem of the pipe"?. Well I ran out to the shop and returned about 10 hrs later with what is now America's coolest wooden guitar pipe. Coming from a background of lutherie, I strive to make every guitar aesthetially beautiful, and also functionable at the same time. So that is how the new line of Smoking Hot Guitars emerged. 

  Every Christmas since then I have made a handful of guitar pipes available for gifts so other people could enjoy them too. Since my good friend has moved on to a bigger venue in the Sky, I would like to honor him by sharing a little of the fun that he had always expressed to me that he would get when he would "light up" one of his guitars.

 So with out further adoooooo, I present the new line of "Smoking Hot Guitars"!  

dreadnaught cutawayI have been making the two acoustics for some time now and after years of refining the different methods of construction, I have been able to lower the cost to make it affordable to produce. I always felt that it is important to keep the quality of craftsmanship to it's highest level. By using some of the same woods that are used in today's finest handmade guitars, (rosewood, spruce and domestic black cherry)  I have been able to accomplish this task. Also by personally building and inspecting each one, I have kept the quality to a standard that will make you proud to own one. Also by embedding a ser# on the body you are guaranteed that you have an "Original Smoking Hot Guitar" They are not just an ordinary smoking pipe. They are a high quality novelty guitar pipe that any musician  would be happy to take to his or her next gig to show off.(and of course have a little fun with along the way).

The latest addition to the Smoking Hot Guitar line is the iconic "Strat" guitar.newguitarpics 015copy

To be able to resemble the actual guitar as closely as possible it was inevitable that the bowl was to be placed on the back side. I'm currently designing  the proper closing method, so until that has been established I regret that they are only available by special order by calling 440-474-2141 and allowing 6-8 wks delivery, I have many more quality guitars that will also soon be available for purchase.